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It is naturally very lean as the fat is located primarily on the outside of the carcass and is easily trimmed off resulting in low marbling.

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We are committed to serving you a better beef for a better way of living.

Our commitment to quality, our customer service, and, most importantly, the flavor of our products combine to make the exotic meat for sale at Broken Arrow Ranch a gourmet treasure.

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When cooked, it will turn into regular cooked meat and grant the player 30 cooking experience.I have found some places that sell large orders,for resturants,but no place that sells small orders.

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The yak, actually a cross between Black Angus beef and Himalayan Tibetan Yak, is raised by Russ and Melissa Friesen at their Springridge Ranch near Pincher Creek and can be bought from Horizon Meats in Calgary.

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Raw yak meat can be obtained by killing a Yak on the Fremennik isle of Neitiznot, or by purchasing it from Contraband Yak Produce, a shop on the Fremennik isle of Jatizso run by Vanligga Gastfrihet, for 2 coins each (only after completion of the Fremennik Isles quest).Yak originated on the Tibetan plateau, where they have long been used for wool, meat, and pack-carrying.

Typically raised and fed in the wild, non-domesticated animals tend to be very lean and clean, making them a fantastic choice for those who are health-conscious or who want to eat the way humans were meant to.

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Find the China Tibetan Yak, Find the best Tibetan Yak made in China, China Tibetan Yak Shopping Guide.


The cuts offered are Ribeye Steaks, T-bone Steaks, Tenderloin Medallions, Ground Yak, Yak Ground Patties and Ground Sirloin.The benefits of grassfed beef, bison, and wild game are becoming more and more apparent as research continues.Introduce your family or friends to something utterly new and intriguing by exploring our selection of alligator sausage, pistolettes, tenderized fillets, authentic boudin, and much more.

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The Texas Steak Warehouse is known for its premium steaks and impeccable customer service.Our Yak meat is excellent quality and learner than venison or bison meat you eat in high-end restaurants in the USA.The Ranch has a store which offers yak products and items including USDA inspected meat, yarn and fiber, clothing, books and many more unique yak items.

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Yaks can be used for meat, fiber, pack animals and for riding.

Yak in Nepal based on information supplied by D.D. Joshi [11]

Raised on an all-natural diet and processed on-site at the ranch this delicately flavored quail meat is an excellent complement to our wild game meats.

Its meat is high in protein, and has one-sixth of the fat content of beef.

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Raw yak meat can be obtained by killing a Yak on the Fremennik isle of Neitiznot.

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Our meat is lean, around 5% fat, and has all the health qualities of wild game.Our plan is to 1. enjoy them, 2. produce quality breeding stock, 3. produce some Yak and Yak hybrid meat.The Friesens describe the yak as having a delicate beef flavour, high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol.Yak breeding stock for sale Welcome to the web site of the Yak Daddy Ranch.

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The question of whether or not yak meat is served is apparently common enough that Taste of Tibet has addressed the issue on the front page of its website.

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USDA Venison, Buffalo Meat, Elk Steaks, Elk Meat, Bison Meat, Wild Boar, Rabbit meat, Venison meat, or goat meat at low ranch prices at the ELKUSA Online elk meat and buffalo meat Store.

Our animals are raised within their natural social groups on clover pastures supplemented with wild grasses, herbs, and tender alfalfa.For your own homegrown meat supply, there is no choice that is healthier and tastier than your own Yak or Yak-cross meat.With near daily bad news about conventionally raised and processed beef, e.coli infection, and recalls, we think.

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Whale meat, broadly speaking, may include all cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) and all parts of the animal: muscle (meat), organs, and fat.I live in Pa,USA so it would be best if any place given would also be in the USA.We raise yaks for breeding stock, fiber, meat, packing and pasture pets on a ridge in Southwest Colorado with beautiful views of four states, 13,000 foot peaks, Mesa Verde National Park, and mesas stretching out to Canyonlands National Park.

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Buffalo Meat, Bison Meat for Sale, Order Buffalo Grass-Fed Bison Online, Organic Bison Meat, Bison Steaks, Buffalo Burger, Buffalo Meat Recipes.Focusing solely on yak meat, it hawks yak sausage, yak dogs and various iterations of yak burgers.

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